NEWS UPDATE – March 13, 2011

NECROS CHRISTOS new album “Doom Of The Occult” released on March, 11 by Sepulchral Voice/Van Records. As a sample, track “Necromantique Nun” can be downloaded here.


Bassist Pete Helmpkamp has quited Canadian black/death metallers REVENGE with the following announcement: “After several conversations with J. Read regarding the individual musical direction that he and I have each chosen, I have decided to quit Revenge. The last ten years have been a great experience, and I wish James and Chris the best in their future endeavors.

However, REVENGE continue to work on their 4th full-length album, scheduled for release on LP and CD sometime in 2011.


Nuclear War Now! Records, has the following titles at the press right now:

  • NECROFAGO “Brutal Mutilation” LP/PicLP
  • VANHELGD “Church of Death” LP/CD
  • CONQUEROR “War.Cult.Supremacy” DLP/CD
  • AUTOPSY “Awakened by Gore” CD
  • KERASPHORUS “Necronaut” 12″ EP
  • VILLAINS “The Road to Ruin” LP

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