Date: February 5, 2011

Location: AN Club, Athens, Greece

The new visit of Finnish blackpunkthrashers visit to Greece was mixed with a little spice from the old times, with rumors spreading about what really happened and led to the cancellation of the Balkan tour with local band RITUAL OF ODDS.

Anyway neither this gossip was enough to bring more people to AN Club that night, so when the Athenians PROFANE PRAYER opened the event, only about 50 fans where there to watch them. And it was a shame really, because their blackthrash really deserved more attention and even more headbanging. Filtering the best influences from early BATHORY, AURA NOIR and what modern SATYRICON represents, they handed a solid set and seemed to gain the audience. Check their new work titled “Eye Of Sin”, it’s worth listening to it.

Their successors AHERUSIA, appeared on stage with the aura of an experienced band and it is true that they in turn had an excellent performance. It is also true that they are excellent musicians and masters of their organs, especially Esperos on Cretan lyra. The bad news is their choice –highlighted by their image and statements- to place their band into the blackmetal scene when their musical quests are apparently in other metal fields. This explains the fact that most people in the club seemed to ignore their otherwise good performance. In my opinion, they have to hunt for the fans of FINTROLL, KORPIKLAANI and other folk metal bands. For me they have nothing to envy them for.

The time came though for the headliners of the evening and lunatic Mikka Luttinen’s IMPALED NAZARENE boarded the stage of AN to prove with ease that some old values ​​remain constant. And how could this not be true when the setlist consisted of 32 (!) tracks, which even taking as given their short duration, only respect can cause. What if Mikka was obviously drunk, nothing could prevent him from tearing his throat in crushing pieces like “Sadogoat”, “Let’s Fucking Die”, “Under Attack” (from their recent album Road To The Octagon”), and “Kali-Yuga” and “Sadhu Satana” from their  masterpiece “Ugra-Karma”. The afforementioned alcohol  helped Luttinen’s mood overall and led to hilarious graphic quotes, with the highlight being that he left the stage fifteen minutes after set completion in order to explain us how important Greek fans were for the band to continue. Seconds later he was to “complain” for the rejection he experienced from greek girls! Next time Mikka, next time…

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