Date: January 29, 2011

Location: AN Club, Athens, Greece


To the newer fan, MORTUARY DRAPE might not ring many bells, but a closer look to the depths of the European metal reveals the fact, that they have been pioneers of the underground occult thrashy proto-black metal back in the 80s. This is probably the reason that a significant part of the 250 people that attended the show were over their thirties.

In any case, local band DARK MESSIAH opened the event playing their typical black metal much in the veins of traditional Norwegian bands. All in all, mediocre songs, lack of individual sound and no tying between band members. In a few words absence of any vision. To bring things back to track, old-school bestial death-metallers EMBRACE OF THORNS gave a killer show and a few lessons on how the genre’s name (yes DEATH!) is defined by crushing guitars, massive bass, thundering drums and of course guttural vocals from hell. Featuring A.V. of hellenic top-class underground band DEAD CONGREGATION on guitars and with their recent effort “Atonement Ritual” having received wide acceptance amongst fans, they easily won the audience and caused waves of banging heads. Their new album should be recorded sometime during spring and it is expected to be even more devastating, so any fans of old-school death metal and of bands like GRAVE MIASMA, BLASPHEMOPHAGHER etc, beware!

However, most people in the club were there for the legendary MORTUARY DRAPE. Even with only vocalist Wildness Perversion, amongst founding members, remaining in the band, nothing could stop them from providing a fully menacing and, above all, METAL show, where old blackmetal classics like “Tregenda”, “Obsessed By Necromancy” or “Crespuscolar Whisper” set the atmosphere for the appropriate mosh-pits. Their setlist was based on their earlier material with only “Ectoplasm” being from their newest to date work “Buried In Time”. Personally I would like to have heard something from their magnificent “Tolling 13 Knell” album, but it didn’t mater much since the session band members were excellent in their roles (and image) and mr Wildness Perversion spat every single lyric like it was his last. The audience replied with constant cheers and with a lot of singing along, something encountered less and less in nowadays metal gigs.

After 75 minutes and with yet one more classic (“Vengeance From Beyond”) causing expected panic, MORTUARY DRAPE left the stage leaving us all with sweaty t-shirts and enough satisfaction that a sub-genre like blackmetal with solid past and expanding presence, cannot expect anything less from a glorious future. All we have to do is embrace it.

~ by antifleshnimbus on March 20, 2011.

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