BLACK WITCHERY “Inferno Of Sacred Destruction”

Release Date: September 2010

Label: Osmose/Hell’s Headbangers


It is with great pleasure that we welcome the new release from Floridian death-blacksters. Or black-deathsters. Or whatever you want to call them. The unholy power-trio of BLACK WITCHERY has returned with their first studio recording since 5 years and they’re here to claim throne of the infamous Ross Bay Cult since “Inferno Of Sacred Destruction” contains their most crushing sound ever.

Even though the new album runs at only 24 minutes, it provides blackmetal at the highest intensity with Tregenda’s guitars building a granite wall of grinding riffs, whereas Imperial on bass and Vaz on drums give enough depth and volume to simply destroy your ears. And for a final touch, you get vocals which, although harsh and hateful, they can be distinguished and sung-along. A fact that certainly pleases me and I hope it does the same to you.

However, none of the above would matter if “Inferno…” wasn’t full of songs, with distinct structure (under their pure noise), dynamics and a vagrant feeling which could even go back to mighty MOTORHEAD. The opener “Holocaustic Church Devastation” and the title track can easily prove this, where “Ascension of the Obscure Moon” that closes the album is almost epic! So here you go, it’s 24 minutes of non-stop sonic attack and to add little spice, there’s a CONQUEROR cover, a live DVD from a 2009 show in Helsinki and some lyrical help from members of Hellenic blacksters GOATVOMIT.

So, no more words are needed, the three guys -who have been together since 1997- are back in business and it’s the best you can get if you’re a follower of Ross Bay scene. All praise the goat!

~ by antifleshnimbus on March 31, 2011.

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