DIOCLETIAN “War Of All Against All”

Release Date: October, 2010

Label: Invictus Productions

“War Of All Against All” (”bellum omnium contra omnes” in Latin): A phrase first used by the political philosopher of the 17th century, Thomas Hobbes, to describe the physical condition of the individual within the absence of some type of political state and structured society. A situation which could not be better described than by the black/death metallers DIOCLETIAN most recent audio assault.

Worthy graduates from the BLASPHEMY school of impurity, the New Zealanders and how could it be otherwise when in their squad they include mr. Victor Kusabs, a steady session member of Canadian heroes’ recent live performances. Steppin one (or two) level above last year’s “Doom Cult”, DIOCLETIAN present us with post-apocalyptic war metal holocaust with venomous guitars riffs, scattered dark leads and drums that owe much to the great J. Read of CONQUEROR/REVENGE etc., while the vocals are probably the result of a radiation mutant being.

Where New Zealanders make a difference is the diversity of the album, equal to which is rarely found in nowadays similar style releases. So beyond the expected (and highly overwhelming) black/death blasting (with “Kingdom Of The Rats” being a highlight), they create their passages to grind (listen to “Desolate Earth” & “Blood Aeon”) and sludge in the beautifully creepy closing of the ultra-heavy “Fortress Of The Unconquerable”. If you want to look at their reference points beyond BLASPHEMY, note that ORDER FROM CHAOS and (recent) AXIS OF ADVANCE have played an important role here.

If the above mean something to you and you ever get misanthropic, then “War Of All Against All” is here to externalize those feeling. In post-nuclear society’s boiling arena, BLASPHEMOPHAGHER have found a worthy opponent.

~ by antifleshnimbus on March 31, 2011.

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