NEGATIVE PLANE “Stained Glass Revelations”

Release Date: January, 2011

Label: The Ajna Offensive

And if you believed blackmetal does not reserve anything new for us, my friend, you are deeply mistaken. Because in every moment in a corner of the world, some brilliant (in their darkness) minds capture new concepts, probably motivated by visions that we’ll never completely understand. This time it’s NEGATIVE PLANE from New York (now) who decided with “Stained Glass Revelations” to give us puzzling mind-games, producing the most demanding blackmetal we have heard for some time. Anyone aware of their amazing debut five years ago, certainly had suspicions of an equally great work, but this year’s masterpiece is beyond any imagination.

Within its 60 min. duration, six lengthy pieces are presented, gradually transforming into living entities that evolve, explore and elevate. Scattered between them, four small orchestral interludes serve as transitions and help to clear thoughts before moving to the next level. Musical instruments are used in an astonishing way, bound by disharmonic harmony while retaining their individuality. But the big star (because there must be one) is the guitar that constantly produces solid riffs and paranoid leads that could, without any exaggeration, decorate a psychedelic, kraut rock album of the ’70s. Do not be fooled though, the sound remains blackmetal in its core, while crossing its path on the shores of substantial avant-garde in a manner comparable to former legends such as VED BUENS ENDE.

Up close follow the vocals, the pronunciation of which seems vague in first hearing but a more careful listening makes them addictive at the least. They have a dual role to perform, since, apart from their physical sound, they have the mission to propagate the equally adventurous thematic concept of NEGATIVE PLANE. A concept that one cannot distinguish from the music, as in the footsteps of they orthodox blackmetal they choose to follow, these two (music and message) walk together. Where DEATHSPELL OMEGA and FUNERAL MIST achieve a more medieval atmosphere, through references to the holy scriptings, the Americans concentrate in the metaphysical, occult realm making even the most incurious listener to consider what the hell this “Number Of The Word” might be and who are the 12 “Angels Of Veiled Bone”.

“Stained Glass Revelations” is not easy-listening blackmetal. It is not even massively addressed to BM fans, whereas on the other hand it can draw people from foreign sub-genres. It requires the listener’s full attention, his (or hers) turning to the inner self and a lot of effort. Yes, it’s tedious listening, tedious as climbing a steep mountain. But when you reach the top the view is incomparable to anything else in the world…

~ by antifleshnimbus on April 3, 2011.

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