MITOCHONDRION “Parasignosis”

Release Date: January, 2011

Label: Profound Lore

The observing death metal fan (we’re talking for DEATH metal, right?) will probably already be familiar with MITOCHONDRION, because of the excellent debut three years ago and last year’s very good split with GYIBAAW. But, apart from our sometimes nubile elitism, the truly great stuff should be spread across the world. So let their new masterpiece be the vessel to bring them in contact with a wider audience.

In “Parasignosis”, death metal fans as well as people daring enough and having the will for exploration, will find almost everything they seek. Vocals straight from the swamp, darkest than anything we have heard from the North American continent in many years. Technicality with their instruments, that does not serve their egoism but the creation of haunting atmospheres similar to those of PORTAL or IMPETUOUS RITUAL. Rhythm section that produces a crushing sound, heavy as an anvil pushing down your chest. Here you will also find the chaos of DEATHSPELL OMEGA filtered with Trey Azag Thoth’s riffology. And on top of the above, there is a solid philosophical concept (presented by a magnificent booklet) which unfolds through the labyrinths of the progressive-in-a-way compositions that develop gradually following a spiral route inwards. Besides, the mitochondrion is a cellular organelle that produces the required energy for the being, has its own DNA and comes from prehistorical ages.

“Parasignosis” is made to conquer the world. The reason I can think of for this not to happen is the hesitation of an unfortunately large part of the public to embrace releases marked as “underground” (that is not coming from the “well known” labels). Still give it a chance and you will find out that from the start of “Tetravirulence” to the ending of “Kathenotheism” (and the ambient outro that follows) it will have wiped out any other situation happening around you. Very few albums nowadays have similar effects. And I don’t know why the fuck I’m writing all these stuff when I could simply point out that they come from CANADA! End of story…

~ by antifleshnimbus on April 6, 2011.

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