Date: April 1, 2011

Location: 7Sins Club, Athens – Greece


Be it the numerous live gigs announced for this year, be it the somewhat limited promotion of the event or be it the downfall in ENTHRONED’s recent albums, forecasts came true and dramatically few people attended. Bad for them though, since apart from the Belgian blackmetallers, they lost a rare chance to watch the crushing NADIWRATH as well as promising new band CAEDES CRUENTA.

The latter opened the night with their as-traditional-as-it-gets blackmetal stepping on the footsteps of cold Norwegian sound with some influences from the Hellenic scene of course. So, the challenge here, was not originality of any kind; just good riffs, inspiring compositions and true spirit. And CAEDES seem to possess all three in a satisfactory level. Listen for example at self-titled track from their debut album (“Skies Daimonon”) with its native tongue lyrics and embrace its epic-like, nostalgic tune. I don’t know if this was their first show ever, but they stood decently on stage, with a typical yet well-put image and they have all premises to get better in the near future. For the time being, check their album if you’re into old-school Norwegian blackmetal (which you should be!).

No one could imagine what followed though, when NADIWRATH (the alter ego of DODSFERD, since they consist of the same band members) got on stage and destroyed all borders between blackmetal and punk, giving one of the most violent live experience on could ever have. With guitarist Nadir unleashing thunderous riffs and spreading mid-tempo soundscapes and vocalist Wrath spitting misanthropic lyrics on one hand and desperate screams on the other, they proved in triumph that some of the most interesting things might happen just next door. Along with some covers, they presented their recent work “Nihilistic Stench” with tracks such as the intense “Two-Face Shit Fuckers” or the multi-dimensional “Horns”. A must-listen for anyone sickened with the mediocrity of contemporary humans.

As far as the headliners of the evening were concerned, we have to admit that even though some of us find their last few albums average (at best), on stage ENTHRONED stand with excellence as experienced musician aware of their capabilities. They are also worth of some extra respect because they choose to promote their most recent work (with 8 out of 13 tracks coming from last year’s “Tetragrammaton”), which gains more dynamics being played live. Nonetheless, I’d like to hear something from their debut album but I was content with “The Ultimate Horde Fights” from “Towards The Skullthrone Of Satan”. So be it then…

Closing this report, I have to give tribute to Nornagest’s taste in clothing (TREBLINKA t-shirt during the show and a KRIEG one afterwards). I also have to say that it was a very fine evening which unfortunately managed to draw somewhat 80 people, at best. But I mentioned this on the foreword, hard times, too many concerts. Besides, this family-like atmosphere sometimes works in positive way. On we go…

~ by antifleshnimbus on April 11, 2011.

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