NEWS UPDATE – April 26, 2011

Two new tracks from Hellenic blackmetal band BURIAL HORDES. One is the self-titled track from upcoming “Descent” 7’’ EP and the other -“Die Human Scum (This Means You)”– is a bonus track especially recorded for a vinyl reissue of the debut full-length “War, Revenge And Total Annihilation”. You can listen to them at their MySpace page.


Nuclear Winter Records has an expanded special offer section for a limited amount of time. Check them here.


Neofolkers SOL INVICTUS will have their new album “The Cruellest Month” released through Prophecy Productions on June, 10th. Along with it, a special box-set will be available, including all their previous records as well as some exclusive live recordings. More info here.


Normally, this would be outside the site’s range but listen here to the new incredible song “Of Darkness” from new occult heavy rock band YEAR OF THE GOAT. They feature members from doom metal act GRIFTEGARD and plan to release an EP followed by a full-length on German label Van Records.

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