Release Date: May, 2011

Label: Nuclear Winter / Ajna Offensive

It’s official, the occult has made a glorious return in metal music, with more and more bands basing their sound on 70s heavy rock and their image on various metaphysical aspects. And with SATURNALIA TEMPLE’s new effort, entitled “Aion Of Drakon”, things get serious. After the astonishing “UR” demo back in 2007, the self-titled EP and their participation in “On The Powers Of The Sphinx” split release, the Swedes had to overcome themselves and, oh Lord they did it!

While none of their elements is really new, the mixture of their influences is nothing less than magic. Inside the pot, LSD boils in low heat and ingredients are gradually added. First, some of 70s heaviest sounds –BLACK SABBATH, PENTAGRAM, ATOMIC ROOSTER. NWOBHM filtered through CELTIC FROST morbidity. Kraut rock psychedelia. Even glimpses at MY DYING BRIDE (without the mourning, dramatic tone) and early DARKTHRONE (before they went blackmetal) are present here. In a brilliant, solid outcome, a unique blend is created. This is musical ritual, which unfolds with every listening session and each of the five songs grows its own personality, as more and more aspects are revealed behind the wall the ultra-slow, ultra-fuzzy guitars build.

This brings us to sound production, where an amazing work has been done. If I were to analyze “Aion Of Drakon” into layers, the first one would definitely be the riffing. Slow, heavy, lo-fi, it reaches the point of drone at moments and creates the perfect entrance to the Temple of Saturn. Then come the various psychedelic effects and the solos that let the lengthy tracks breathe. There’s even an absolutely amazing twin lead somewhere in the middle of the closing track “Fall”. And finally, the haunting, laudatory vocals emerge. Scattered around the record and beautifully enhanced with delay and echo, they are sort of an invocation of magic powers and witchcrafts long forgotten.

In the awakened and growing scene of the occult doom metal, SATURNALIA TEMPLE deserve to be leaders of the new era. The shamans of some lost wisdom. No retro music here, only a ritual. An enchantment. Follow their aura, enter the “Aion Of  Drakon” and embrace its ancient sorceries…

~ by antifleshnimbus on May 1, 2011.

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