RAVENCULT “Morbid Blood”

Label: Hell’s Headbangers

Release Date: March, 2011

It is a solid fact by now; Today’s Hellenic extreme metal underground does not only broken the country barriers but also reaches the opposite coast of the Atlantic with releases through important labels of the scene. So, after DEAD CONGREGATION, DODSFERD and several others, now its RAVENCULT from Athens releasing the successor album to 2007’s “Temples Of Torment” through Hell’s Headbangers

A first taste of the new material was taken from those who had attended their show as support to INQUISITION last September. There, it was really impressive that their set did not have any decreases in intensity although the new tracks were, then, unknown to most of the people. However, this means in no way stagnation in their sound, since in the new record they move a step forward from the full Norwegian shelter of the debut where DARKTHRONE were taken as a definite starting point.

So, the first thought that comes to mind with “Morbid Blood” is the blackthrashing attack of AURA NOIR, but the Athenians do not seen content merely with that. As the record unfolds, the wary ear will notice lurking techno-thrash riffs adding some extra twist to the tracks, while the more mid-tempo parts that create darker atmospheres are equally welcome. On top of that they do not forget to take a bath in orthodox bm waters, where the uproar from guitars and drums is accompanied by hidden, bitter melodies like in “Winds Of Damnation”, bringing to mind blurred images from DEATHSPELL OMEGA’s “Paracletus” aura.

If I had to point out a drawback in “Morbid Blood”, it would have to be the mixing that brings vocals a bit more forward than appropriate, something that takes away a small part of the intensity created by the music itself. A little misdemeanor though, the fact here is yet another strong release, proving the vividness and the hard but quiet work done in Hellenic underground. Rush, with hunger in your eyes…

~ by antifleshnimbus on May 11, 2011.

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