NECROS CHRISTOS “Doom Of The Occult”

Release Date: March, 2011

Label: Sepulchral Voice/Van Records

Death metal is a difficult story nowadays. There are many bands out there, a lot of them interesting, some of them truly good and inspired but very few can be considered as landmarks. Are NECROS CHRISTOS a landmark? Well, first we have to admit that their debut full-length “Triune Impurity Rites” established them as leaders of the new European underground. It came after a series of demo and split releases to culminate the rise of a new death metal power with strong songwriting and a special image (whether someone likes it or not). Then came four years of silence (as far as recordings were concerned) and now we have the successor, appropriately named “Doom Of The Occult”.

Everything that attracted us to their music is here. The solid death metal riffs owing much to Trey Azagthoth, the oriental leads, solos and interludes (Temples & Gates) reminiscent of NILE, the doomy, old-school feeling descending right from pioneers like GOATLORD. This time, they try a bit more complex compositions, presenting tracks of up to nine minutes long with a lot of doom parts; always welcome if you ask me, just listen to “The Pharaonic Dead” for example and you’ll understand. Without forgetting of course their more catchy side, with songs like “Necromantique Nun”, starting insidiously until they increase their pace to a crushing finish. Some words should also be spent about the excellent drumming, performed by new member Raelin Iakhu. Accurate beatings with a natural sound, away from the awful triggers and plastic productions of today.

But is “Doom Of The Occult” the vessel that will crown NECROS CHRISTOS as kings? In fact, some of their older fans are already skeptical about it, since they regard as “no step forward” for the band. This is true, well, almost true, cause, as mentioned earlier, songwriting is more complex than before, and needs a little time and some listening sessions to be fully conceivable. But it’s a fact that their sound does not progress much from their previous works and it’s another fact that the length of the album (72 minutes or so) can make it tedious. SO. FUCKIN’. WHAT!?! There are infinite examples in music of landmark bands with little or no evolution in their sound. What matters progression of the actual music is inspired? It is a great metal record and that’s what matters at the end of the day.

NECROS CHRISTOS have established themselves in contemporary DEATH metal. They create their horror stories and dress them with their own, personal sound. Anyone with a clue about today’s scene, will listen to “Hathor Of Dendera” i.e. and will immediately recognize them. This is the conquest of Mors Dalos Ra and his fellows and DEATH metal is extremely pleased to have them on one of its thrones.

~ by antifleshnimbus on May 19, 2011.

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