ESKHATON “Nihilgoety”

Release Date: May, 2011

Label: Nuclear Winter Records

There seems to be a rise in Oceanian extreme metal underground lately and bands spring out every single moment, producing unique soundscapes like those created by ULCERATE, WITCHRIST, PORTAL etc. In those veins of technical yet still abyssic death metal, new force ESKHATON (formed only last year) enter the scene with their debut full-length “Nihilgoety” on Nuclear Winter Records.

No compromise here, the guitars are constantly on attack, either with relentless, twisted riffing or with equally disharmonic leads and solos. Drums are also a key part, changing rhythms at any given time, not letting the slightest chance for the listener to complacent. Along with aggressive tracks like “Spacequake” or “Exoverse Assassin”, we get more complex stuff (“Manipulatime Descent” for example), creating a suffocating atmosphere reminiscent maybe of old INCANTATION as well as an impending doom feeling that brings to mind what DEAD CONGREGATION have offered to the scene.

As a first step, “Nihilgoety” is an exceptionally good record, that comes along with this year’s MITOCHONDRION’s “Parasignosis” and ULCERATE’s “Destroyers Of All”. Obviously not at the same level with them, but a valuable companion in the rising power of this side of death metal. Next move for ESKHATON should be the expansion of their personal sound and then the future will belong to them too.

~ by antifleshnimbus on May 21, 2011.

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