NADIWRATH “Nihilistic Stench”

Release Date: February, 2011

Label: Moribund Records

There had been 4 years since that self-titled demo from NADIWRATH, which had made a certain statement in the Hellenic blackmetal underground. Not far from the basics of the sound, their raw and harsh material was nothing less than promising. But then vocalist Wrath concentrated on his DOSFERD plans (making some great records under that name too) and NW went a bit aside. Not for long though, since reunion with guitarist Nadir took part (for both bands now) and debut full-length “Nihilistic Stench” came out roaring like a freaky, deformed abomination.

Yet this time, along with CARPATHIAN FOREST-like, uncompromising blackmetal, we find the pure fuckin’ energy of the most hateful punk. And I don’t know how many of you might be frowing with the term “punk” but maybe you should check out again where bm took some of its influences back in the 80s. Starting ferociously with “Darkness Has Lost Its Meaning”, the record releases waves of negative energy, the sort that some (maybe many) of us feel accumulate inside, when having to cope with all kinds of miserable beings every day. In here we find both diversity and solidity, as within the same track (“There Is No Light” i.e.) a crushing punk riff co-exists with more bitter, mid-tempo melodies and vocals spitting hatred are blended with shrieks of agony but the result remains remarkably coherent. Then everything comes to conclusion with an opus, every one considering himself (or herself) an aware blackmetal fan, should listen and indulge their selves to a spiral orbit towards nothingness. So when we fail to nothing, “Memories Are Dead” and we cannot but be “buried by time, buried by dust…” (reminds something, doesn’ it?).

I simply can’t find any drawbacks here. “Nihilistic Stench” might not be any groundbreaking record in terms of music, but NADIWRATH just capture the demons roaming amongst a nowadays decadent city, full of stench, and transform them into notes. If that’s not true art, then I don’t know what could be. Dedicated to every “Two-Face Shit Fucker” out there…

~ by antifleshnimbus on May 30, 2011.

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