ASCENSION “Consolamentum”

Release Date: January, 2011

Label: World Terror Committee

It was the autumn of 2009, when word was spread about the demo tape from a German band that emerged in obscurity with its members deliberately unknown to the public. Apart from the hype though, the fact was that those five tracks brought up with them a very special aura, an aura coming straight from the orthodox waters of DEATHSPELL OMEGA. “With Burning Tongues” was afterwards released in CD and vinyl format and ASCENSION became a common discussion topic amongst fans.

15 months later, with “Fire And Faith” EP having served as appetizer and information about the band revealed (Drakh from KATHARSIS is indeed one of their members), their new opus “Consolamentum” was ready to confirm the new force in blackmetal. And so it does indeed, this time with more direct compositions that owe to DsO-like chaos as much as they do to traditional metal, their marching, heavy riffs being blended with bitter leads ands melodies and creating a haunting atmosphere which is the key part here. A concept of luciferianism is gradually revealed track by track, drawing inspiration even from muslim prayers (“Grant Me Light”), until we reach the magnificent conclusion of “Consolamentum” which brings to mind their previous work.

And that may be the drawback here, for some people, like myself who admired the complexity of “With Burning Tongues” compositions and their intention to explore the inner self. It’s not that “Consolamentum” lacks inspiration (how could this be with tracks like “Rebellion Flesh” and the already known “Fire And Faith” ?) but their turn towards more direct songwriting, probably aiming to highlight the philosophical concept, has taken away some of the spirituality that came straight from the music.

So be it though, it’s only their first official full-length and it definitely has some special offerings for the listener. As long as they keep supporting the hype surrounding them, ASCENSION have a bright future ahead. We should just “Open Hearts” to the “Angel Of The Burning Sun” !

~ by antifleshnimbus on June 8, 2011.

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