AUTOPSY “Macabre Eternal”

Release Date: May, 2011

Label: Peaceville Records

Stubborness can sometimes be a positive thing. Especially when combined with a bald head and two eyes shining in a twisted way, it can produce small miracles. Chris Reifert & Co., for more than 20 years after their introduction to us, don’t care about any trend nor have they any intention to reinvent the wheel. All they seek is to make it clear why this fuckin’ sound was named DEATH metal in the first place and -damn it!- they do it so brilliantly that it’s almost impossible to resist.

With “Macabre Eternal”, AUTOPSY continue from the point they stopped in last year’s “Tomb Within” EP and, essentially, from the point from where they never left during their twenty-four year career. Which means, that rotten mix of muddy riffing, twisted SLAYER & MOTORHEAD and crawling doom (by the way what a great band were GOATLORD!), forged with the proper (small) amount of punk hooliganism. But what causes some surprise is the awesome integrity and inspiration enshrouding their compositions. To be exact, not a single track from the total twelve of this record’s can be counted as inferior to the rest.

Most fans will keep the 11-minute opus “Sadistic Gratification” as the reference point; I’ll tell you that it actually constitutes a synopsis of all the freaky stuff present in the album. Like the accelerated “Dirty Gore Whore”, or the “Seeds Of The Doomed” with its creepy doom/death guitar leads (anyone remember the intro in PARADISE LOST’s “Eternal”), the four-minute “Born Undead” that gradually stagnates until it explodes with maniac soloing and -above all maybe- the ultra-heavy “Sewn Into One” which sends back to kindergarten all those kids that throw 3 or 4 “technical” riffs and some triggered drums and call this shit death metal.

If MITOCHONDRION, DEAD CONGREGATION and the rest ULCERATES of this death metal world, are the scouts that rush to its four corners seeking new borders and unexplored paths, AUTOPSY (along with other legends) are the solid part of the base where everyone returns to report and receive new guidelines. Welcome putrescence. Again!

~ by antifleshnimbus on June 15, 2011.

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