PRIMORDIAL “Redemption At The Puritan’s Hand”

Release Date: April, 2011

Label: Metal Blade

After more than a decade serving as true companion and pure inspiration, the music of PRIMORDIAL is not one for me to judge with any objectivity. With every new record, I just expect the songs that send shivers to the spine and I never feel betrayed by them. True Irish spirits, fighters seeking to awaken lost values of man…

“Redemption At The Puritans Hand” does not hesitate for a single moment to show you the way. How could it be different when the records starts with “No Grave Deep Enough”, bringing to mind even “Imrama” days? How can you escape the we-may-have-lost-the-battle-but-we’ll-win-the-war feeling of “Lain With The Wolf” and “Bloodied Yet Unbowed”? And when “The Mouth Of Judas” opens, despair and determination collide to bring redemption under the expanded soundscapes that they first presented to us with “Coffin Ships”.

Alan’s voice is still a landmark in metal. This time he sounds less of a preacher and more of a revisionist, considering what has been done and what it led up to. Ciarran and Mike tune their guitars back to chords that forged monuments such as “Spirit The Earth Aflame” and “Journey’s End”. The folk parts are present again with their warm pagan feeling. And last but not at all least, those drums of war are Simon’s personal revenge from his self-destructive side (I was present at their disastrous live gig in Athens) and they come to seal the fact that these Irishmen can never let us down.

There are very few things today that bring back some of the lost faith and the spirit of a fighter. PRIMORDIAL music is one of these and this is why it has become a keepsake for us fans. Probably this is also why, although they have been highly acclaimed by the metal press in recent years, they still have not gained a wider acceptance. It is not that easy when living inside the fake comfort of today’s nothingness to hear someone roaring to you: “You’re going down fucker! Wake up! Fight…”

~ by antifleshnimbus on July 11, 2011.

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