ALDEBARAN “Buried Beneath Aeons”

Release Date: February, 2011

Label: Parasitic

It took them 4 years (the 2 split releases couldn’t fill the void) but it was worth it. This time, gentlemen Kody Keyworth (L’ACEPHALE and, recently, WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM) and Tim Call (THE HOWLING WIND) team up with partners Josh Banke and Todd Janeczek to make ALDEBARAN shine even more brightly in the night sky.

Although their recent effort “Buried Beaneath Aeons” is only an EP, the fact that it consists of one track solely in its entire 27 minute length, proves that with this band it well never get to easy listening. First thing that comes to mind is, that they take some distances from the drier sound of “Dwellers In Twilight” full length and turn towards doom/death as their form of expression. The track starts in acoustic mode, before it dives into the swamp of apocalyptic, ultra slow doom praising the coming of the Ancient Ones (whoever they are). The monotonous rhythm continues, backed up by heinous vocals and  a drone sub-layer, absorbing the listener, until it reaches climax (mostly emotionally rather than its pace) and closes with yet more acoustic tones.

Less haunting, but more spiritual than “Dwellers…”, “Buried Beneath Aeons” is a fine step of a band seeking new shores to explore. Add some perfect Dan Seagrave art (the cover being a distant cousin of Morbid Angel’s “Gateways To Annihilation”) and we get another small gem in today’s re-emerging doom/death scene. In triumph…now…return…

~ by antifleshnimbus on August 10, 2011.

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