FYRNASK “Bluostar”

Release Date: September, 2011

Label: Temple Of Torturous

The loan Americans got from Europe (through BURZUM mainly) and led to the rise of the admittedly fascinating Cascadian blackmetal, now begins to pay back. A proof for the above claim seems to be nested into the one-man project FYRNASK of German artist Fyrnd. Less than a year after the “Fjǫrvar ok Benjar” demo, we have the release of “Bluostar” full-length and things seem to get in line.

The German here uses low-tempo blackmetal as a solid base and builds onto it with vast ambient pieces, caring most of all for the atmosphere and dynamics of the songs. Without being trapped into easy “post-metal” aesthetics, he manages to externalize a pagan feeling, which has more in common with European mysticism than with a simplistic nature-worshipping approach or folk imagery. After a small research I found out that “Bluostar” means “offering / sacrifice” in the Old High German language. Unfortunately no more information, based on track titles, could be collected, but I can only guess they have similar ancient etymologies and meanings. In any case, concentrating on the music part, the outcome proves unexpectedly strong. Especially from the middle and onwards, the triad “Bergar” / “Ins Fenn” / “Bluostar” generously offers the thrills either with exalting riffs, galloping towards aeons buried deep in our memories, or settling down to sheltered ambient harbors.

If one would seek reference points to FYRNASK’s music, he should find them in bands like PAYSAGE D’ HIVER or FAUNA, as well as in WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM too. The main point though, is that “Bluostar” holds its own personality and has its fruits to offer to contemporary blackmetal. Maybe with something like 10 minutes less duration, avoiding some minor clichés, we could be talking about a new gem here. No harm done though, the possibilities of doing that for FYRNASK’s sophomore album are definitely on their side…

~ by antifleshnimbus on August 20, 2011.

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