Release Date: April, 2011

Label: Agonia Records

I have a slight impression that we are granting MkM with less acknowledgement than what he deserves. Through ANTAEUS he gave life back to the degrading late 90s blackmetal scene. He brought back forth the danger surrounding this genre and played a crucial part to the rise of the orthodox current, which is so “popular” these days. And when he saw that things stagnated, he created AOSOTH and moved forward with his unworldly quests.

Yet, the most outstanding fact is, the although he had the option to walk through safe passageways (that he, himself, had partly created), MkM, along with charismatic composer BST, chose to enter new fields of darkness until they ended up with that disgusting piece of art simply entitled “III”. And if you might think that the word “disgusting” is a minus, then better think again. Because there is no fear worse than facing directly at the ugliness of this world, at the ugliness of your soul and ever more frightening is to actually accept that ugliness as a fact.

“I am so NOT you, you are all I never wanted to be / Am not smashing a mirror with you / Those thousand pieces do no reflect me”

If MkM is to be credited with that general vision on blackmetal, then BST should receive equal appraisal for his musical aspirations. After all, even at times  overshadowed by MkM’s persona, today’s AOSOTH are mainly HIS band. “III” is based on its guitars, but in a way different than the “wow, fuckin’ killer riffs man!” one. On the contrary, BST uses extended noise techniques to bring the listener in a state of constant tension. Drums and percussion contribute with their absolute, cold monotony while bass is there like mud that fills every possible crack from where light could slip in. Upon this canvas it is, where MkM’s verse reciting, suggests authentic paranoia, a horrible aftereffect of a sultry, urban life.

The new AOSOTH record demands such effort and dedication for understanding its disharmonic purposes, that I would consider dumping its listening somewhere at the 2nd track a sensible approach for most people. But on the other hand, isn’t our reality equally suffocating and stressful? If your answer is “yes” (even a reserved one), then “III” has something to offer to you. That is, if you can actually stand up and face your deepest fear…

~ by antifleshnimbus on September 1, 2011.

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