ENSNARED “Demo Tape 2011”

Release Date: August, 2011

Label: Nuclear Winter Records

Emerging from the ashes of GRAVEHAMMER, Swedish act ENSNARED present us yet another view of their homeland’s old-school death metal. Fact is that with MIASMAL, VANHELGD and, most of all, REPUGNANT, Swedish death metal has revived for good, getting rid of the joke named NWOSDM.

Back to our demo tape though, while GRAVEHAMMER sounded nothing more than an adequate band, things with ENSNARED seem quite different. With three songs and thirteen minutes of harsh, uncompromising death metal they bring back memories as old as those days when MORBID, NIHILIST and others were spewing out noises straight from the worst nightmares. Obviously there is no straight comparison here, only an implication of that forgotten feeling, while production helps providing them that cave-like sound without being unlistenable. Just listen to the closing track “Adorations (The Dance Of Madness)” with the guitars attacking non-stop, only to give way to an epic outro solo.

So any fans out there of bands like MORBID, old ENTOMBED, NOMINON and REPUGNANT, this demo tape is here to pave its way into your playlists. With such a fine introduction, we can only expect nothing less than a devastating debut full-length.

~ by antifleshnimbus on September 14, 2011.

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