NEWS UPDATE – October 1, 2011

The new album from atmospheric blackmetallers FARSOT is finally scheduled for release on October, 28.

One of the best blackmetal bands of the 00s, RUINS OF BEVERAST have released a compilation CD of vinyl bonus tracks and covers on MY DYING BRIDE and DEAD CAN DANCE through Van Records. One of these tracks (“The Moselle Enigma…”) can be found here.

Rare footage from ORDER FROM CHAOS rehearsing their epic “There Lies Your Lord/Father Of Victories” track has emerged on YouTube.

Varg Vikernes returned to his pre-prison workaholic days. Less than a year after his last effort, “Fallen”, a compilation of remakes of tracks from the first two BURZUM full-length is about to see the light of day on November, 28.

~ by antifleshnimbus on October 1, 2011.

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