BEHERIT “At The Devil’s Studio 1990”

Release Date: June, 2011

Label: Kvlt

At last, blackmetal has some controversy again, even if it had to be sparkled by one of the genre’s oldest and most influential bands; BEHERIT! The ongoing battle between fans, whether this is actually the lost/destroyed tape of BEHERIT recordings back in 1990 or a  fake new one, might seem funny at first sight but on the other hand it’s probably more interesting than some pointless “-Hey, the X band has released a new album! -Oh yeah, fuckin’ killer man! -Oh no, it sucks!” talk.

As for the record itself, I don’t know if it’s the actual old rehearsals or a new recording; I think I’ll leave that to the numerous “experts”. What I can say though, is that the eerie, unique BEHERIT atmosphere is definitely present here too. I wouldn’t support that I prefer these versions of the tracks rather than the known ones, but that’s probably because I’ve listened to “The Oath Of Black Blood” so many times, it’s now a part of me. Yet, I have to admit that somehow here they sound even more bestial, even more frightening and suffocating (perhaps with a slightly more death metal feeling) and this fact is enough for one to listen to this record, whether a BEHERIT fan or having a interest in blackmetal in general. As for the two unreleased tracks, they perfectly fit the rest, with the crushing “Whores Of Belial” having the potential of being a “new” classic.

So, all in all, for me “At The Devil’s Studio” is one of the current year’s most important releases in blackmetal, especially for bringing some controversy back in the genre (just read the 45-page thread in the NWN! forum) as well as for its gruesome atmosphere and historical value. Finally, in case one’s interested in obtaining this record in material form, I would definitely suggest the tape format (having not listened to how the vinyl sounds though). But after all, isn’t this the LOST TAPE of BEHERIT?

~ by antifleshnimbus on October 7, 2011.

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