CAEDES CRUENTA “Skies Daimonon”

Release Date: December, 2010

Label: Cryptia Productions

OK, it’s a fact that blackmetal for over the past ten years has escaped the boundaries of the 90s and carved many different paths. Be it avant-garde experiments, be it industrial elements or novelties of any kind in general, every month it seems we’re searching for the next “super-unique band” that will make the difference.

So, what of the above  do do? Nothing at all! On the contrary, the Greek blackmetallers choose a 100% traditional CAEDES CRUENTA sound, which means a good amount of old Norway with various elements of the early 90s Hellenic scene. But before you discard them as obsolete, do listen to their «Σκιές Δαιμόνων» (“Skies Daimonon”) album and you might be surprised. This is because CAEDES CRUENTA achieve something that seems easy, only in reality it’s not at all. They write truly good riffs, drenched in DARKTHRONE, GORGOROTH and EMPEROR as well as in the Hellenic bands that emerged somewhat 20 years ago, and combine them successfully enough to forge strong tracks. Listen, for example, the almost epic “Maccabre Sacrifices Beneath The Hollowed Graves”, it’s an excellent exhibition of blackmetal minimalism transformed into a catchy, but not cheap, song.

The title track with its native greek lyrics is nothing but thrilling, while their lyrical themes in general follow the same footsteps as their music. That is, a graphical depiction of the luciferian, dark side (as seen by the Christians) and a floating, primordial blasphemy. With production wisely chosen as to highlight their basic advantages (the riffs in particular), CAEDES now can and have to work harder in terms of vocals, personality and maybe the sound of the drums, where, unfortunately, not many bands apply the desired significance.

In any case, as stated already, this release is not here to impress with its pioneer sound. The purpose of “Skies Daimonon” is to approach with respect and discipline the early days of blackmetal and calls the nostalgic fans for a short, yet substantial trip to the past. And gets a few more points since it’s their first complete effort. Horns up!

~ by antifleshnimbus on October 12, 2011.

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