Date: October 9, 2011

Location: AN Club, Athens – Greece

The Hellenic-Italian blackmetal alliance scheduled for that Sunday afternoon at AN club in Athens was amplified by the addition -as headliners obviously- of veterans FROSTMOON ECLIPSE from neighbor country.

NipenthisUpon entering the club, NIPENTHIS were already on stage somewhere in the middle of their set, presenting their view on traditional blackmetal sound while embedding various heavy metal melodies into it. Although they Bahalsurely need to work more on their compositions and personal sound, they showed they have the elements needed to be worthy on stage. In addition, the free distribution of their demo CD-r couldn’t be considered anything but welcome. They were followed by Italians BAHAL in an admittedly “peculiar” appearance. While their looks were similar to an amateurish school band, they surprised the audience by executing inexorable, crushing riffs and some fine death metal vocals in their slightly progressive compositions. I think we should check their “Ikelos” full-length and their guitarist should reduce his soloing.

Caedes CruentaCAEDES CRUENTA are starting to slowly build their status among the Hellenic scene. In addition to their “Skies Daimonon” album with its passionate tracks, comes their constant improvement on stage (compared i.e. to their six months ago appearance supporting ENTHRONED). The Athenians gave a substantial Astral Aeonlive set of their mostly Norwegian-like blackmetal and became candidates for the best performance of the night. They were succeeded by ASTRAL AEON, who had a strong will and enough passion, but their tracks sounded typical at best and their frontman, although vomiting his lungs out, was a bit more extravagant than needed.

Frostmoon EclipseHeadliners FROSTMOON ECLIPSE of workaholic drummer Gionata Potenti (has taken part in GLORIOR BELLI, MACABRE OMEN, AD HOMINEM among others) entered the stage with the aura of an experienced band –they exist since 1994 for those unaware. With the sound being equivalent to bombarding, they gave more emphasis on the metal side of their music than the black one, but I don’t think anyone was irritated about this. The Italians presented three tracks from their recent effort (“The End Stands Silent”) and during the rest of their set, they covered their previous discography as well as their love for BLACK SABBATH by playing the self-titled track.

Maybe this Sunday was empty of soccer matches, but it was filled with true underground blackmetal spirit. We hope for equally devoted events and prepare for the GEHENNA holocaust coming in less than two weeks from now.

~ by antifleshnimbus on October 16, 2011.

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