Release Date: May, 2011

Label: Dark Descent/Media Tree Recordings

Canada’s production of exceptional musical schemes will probably never stop. In our case its blackmetallers THANTIFAXATH, the new band of drummer Haereticus (or Cameron Warrack if you like), that create great promises on their debut self-titled EP. And this happens because it is obvious that first they worked their ideas, they came up with their own vision (however premature it might be) and only then they entered the studio to record.

The outcome was three tracks (plus the intro) of blackmetal approached with a theatrical performance and I think the key word here is “despair”. It’s the intense, maniac riffs appropriately accompanied by screamy vocals (somewhat reminiscent of compatriot Pete Helmpkamp) that create the feeling of impeding, personal doom. Small surprises come from various other elements incorporated into THANTIFAXATH’s music, such as the bass playing of “Violently Expanding Nothing” or the DEATHSPELL OMEGA disharmonies on the same track. Also the leads of “Freedom Is Depression” that bring to mind the latter ENSLAVED era.

I can’t say this EP is flawless, sometimes the ideas don’t exactly fit with each other and the drums at times sound somewhat blander than they should. But it definitely has unique personality and a vision to share. I, personally, have the feeling that we are on the beginning of something special, yet we’ll have to confirm that when their next works come out, starting with a new EP scheduled for early 2012. In the meantime, “Thantifaxath EP” is available for free downloading from the band here, so give it some attention. It’s definitely worth it.

~ by antifleshnimbus on October 23, 2011.

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