Release Date: October, 2011

Label: Candlelight Records

With records like HAT’s “Vortex Of Death” or this one, Norway seems to make a noisy return. Not that they ever left, since in the sub-terra various sinister things were/are happening (FURZE, SLAGMAUR, MARE), but in any case the leadership was acquired by other scenes.

So it is then, THRONE OF KATARSIS, who, after appointing GEHENNA’s Sannrab in bass guitar, keep walking steadily along the path carved by DARKTHRONE, only this time with more inspiration and a somewhat stronger personality. Something, that becomes clearer from the second track (“Helvete Kaller”) and onwards, where guitars slow their pace and, through the old-school a-la Necrohell production, gradually build a wall of sound that crosses the borders of noise music at times.

With bass being emphatic and Infamroth’s vocals (check also his work as MYRKRAVERK for a more folk/pagan perspective) haunting with their coldness, the atmosphere on tracks like “Mesterens Tilbakekomst” has a smell of sulphur floating, maybe a little reminiscent of that atmosphere covering the Scandinavian country some 20 years ago.

If there’s something here to complain about, then that would be the slightly weak drum sound that could give even steadier substructure to the compositions. But this is probably yet another element of that era, so any followers out there, do give “Ved Graven” the attention it’s worth.

~ by antifleshnimbus on November 7, 2011.

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