NIGHTBRINGER “Hierophany Of The Open Grave”

Release Date: August, 2011

Label: Season Of Mist

Nightbringer - Hierophany Of The Open GraveMany would say that orthodox blackmetal has taken the downward slope much sooner that promised and has become tiring and repeating. I couldn’t really disagree, since for the current year, only NEGATIVE PLANE and ASCENSION can claim that they have created something distinguished from the mass of mediocre releases.

Fortunately, it’s NIGHTBRINGER from Colorado, USA, who come forth furiously to dispute the above allegatio. Since 2005, when they introduced themselves to a wider audience (after some demos, that is) through the excellent split release with TEMPLE OF NOT, they are kept in the forefront almost every year. An although last year’s “Apocalypse Sun” didn’t live all the way up to our expectations, now with “Hierophany Of The Open Grave”, we behold Nox Corvus and Naas Alcameth (the core of the band) achieving to move their music, as well as the subgenre they serve, some important steps forward

They partly become exempt from the strictly “thick” sound that characterized their previous works, by spreading their compositions and using extensive lead guitar parts as the narrator of the stories they crave to tell (stories occasionally (co)written in an exceptional way by Carl Tiburtius of Swedish act MATRICIDE –here as ar-Ra’ab al-Iblis). Sometimes dramatic, sometimes enraged and other times just epic (as in “The Gnosis Of Inhumation”), the Americans keep constantly interacting with the listener’s emotions, guiding him through complex paths to small climaxes until the final grandiose ending of “Old Night”.

Those afraid, after the band’s signing to Season Of Mist, that they would fall into any trap of “easing” their sound to a more commercial direction, can now feel relieved. NIGHTBRINGER are here to prove that (orthodox) blackmetal can be multilevel, intrusive, horrific and still maintain its recreational aspect. And for those not familiar with Greek language, the plural of the word “recreational” is -coincidentally?- “Pychagogoi”

~ by antifleshnimbus on November 19, 2011.

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