TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE “Prophecies Of Malevolence”

Release Date: June, 2011

Label: Adverse Order (tape, CD) / Nuclear Winter Records (vinyl)

I have come to believe that Australia (along with some New Zealand help) is the new major power in extreme underground metal. With PORTAL, WITCHRIST, DIOCLETIAN and many more acts dominating almost every aspect of today’s death or black metal sound, it not such a surprise that a debut EP from an Australian band would blow my mind and expand my senses so intensely as to consider it one of the finest releases of 2011.

TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE is the new project of multi-talented Mitchell Keepin (here as “IV”) whose CV is a lot more than worth taking a look (ex-AUSTERE, PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS and recently ILL OMEN –one of the most devoted and haunting bands carrying that old blackmetal feeling forth to the new era). Here he collaborates with drummer Basilysk to create some frightening INCANTATION atmospheres while following the intro-track-interlude-track-etc. logic. With sound production straight from the bowels of hell and vocals of a caveman resurrected to life, TEMPLE NIGHTSIDE indulge into the chaotic philosophies of blackmetal instead of the more song-oriented structures of the death sub-genre. Just listen to the impending doom of “Doctrine Of Earthly Unbalance” and actually feel the soil beneath you tremble as you are ready to be sucked in by the abyss below.

With a debut EP like this I can’t begin to imagine what impact a full-length will create. Until then though, be sure to acquire somehow those “Prophecies Of Malevolence” for they are not to be ignored. Australia shows us the way…

~ by antifleshnimbus on December 3, 2011.

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