INKISITOR “Dysevangelist”

Release Date: May, 2011

Label: Osmose Productions

Normally, the initial sentence of this text should be another ode to the French creativity as far as black/death metal is concerned, but let’s start with the bad news first. That is, the band’s recent split up, although having finally released their debut full-length. So be it though, at least they left some great music behind them with this year’s “Dysevangelist” coming to top them all.

This time they focused more on the MAYHEM sound (listen to the crushing “Lunatic Perversions”), by putting their rawer blackmetal aspirations aside and adding some ANTAEUS-like maddening assaults. Although not so obvious as in their compatriots BORGIA (another excellent band recently split-up), Hasjarl’s spirit wanders some times in INKISITOR’s realms too, not only musically but also in terms of image (the cover depicting a womb with a fetus feeding from the symbols of monotheistic religions).

While all six tracks (running at just under 39 minutes, a perfect length for such suffocating music) have something to offer, like Dathe’s occasional clean singing, I cannot but make a special reference to the diversity of the title track as well as the intensity of “Autodafe” with its twisting disharmonies (the DsO touch we were talking about) at its final moments. The closing with “Acid Inferno” is just as epic as it should be.

“Dysevangelist” might not be one’s first thought when it comes to “blackmetal in 2011” but that doesn’t mean anything at all. Gems are scattered everywhere these days, yet some of them need digging a little deeper before they are revealed. You just have to get your hands dirty…

~ by antifleshnimbus on December 5, 2011.

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