Date: December 4, 2011

Location: Gagarin Club, Athens – Greece

Although low presales did not confirm our predictions for an “empty” Gagarin Club that Sunday evening, however the location choice proved to be somewhat unfit in relation with attendance. On the other hand, the bigger stage could give the bands greater freedom for their show and upon entering the club, it was obvious that VALKYRJA were taking advantage of that benefit. With their stage show strongly inspired by WATAIN yet without rejecting the heavy metal elements of their sound, the Swedish blackmetallers focused on a zealous performance based on tracks by last year’s impressive “Contamination” album, without forgetting though to make some trips back to their debut. In general they were a good solid act, worthy to share the stage with the two bigger bands of that night. However, personally, I would prefer they would “darken” in some way their live performances.

VADER from Poland nave proven their value over the years and especially in Greece they have built a good fan base –a fact that made their show highly expected. Unfortunately not for me, since their straightforward death metal sound just isn’t my style so after some songs I headed out of the place for some cheap beers. I have to admit though that their performance was really strong and after the sound cleared a bit, they gave a furious show, driving part of the crowd to frenzy levels.


(Return to the Morbid Reich /  Sothis /  Devilizer /  Never Say My Name /  Come and See My Sacrifice /  Black Velvet And Skulls Of Steel /  Wings /  Carnal /  I Am Who Feasts Upon Your Soul / The Wrath /  Decapitated Saints /  Kingdom /  Silent Empire /  Cold Demons /  Helleluyah!!! (God Is Dead) / Encore: This Is the War)

After some waiting, it was about time for the headliners, something obvious from the changes in scenery. Darkness, smoke, haze and threatening red lighting composed the canvas on which GORGOROTH were called to interpret part of all those (mythical by now) we once read about Norway in the 90s. With the session members accurately performing their parts but not gaining any significant attention, lights were upon the dual confrontation between a crazed Pest (belted in countless nails) and a grim, imperious and committed to his crushing riffs, Infernus.

On a musical level, the setlist was conquered by tracks from the freshly re-recorded “Under The Sign Of Hell” album with the rest covering all of their previous works (“Ad Majorem…” aside) with one or two tracks. Personally, I especially enjoyed the introduction with the frenzied “Bergtrollets Hevn”, the warlike “Destroyer” as well as the “Forces Of Satan Storms” from the slightly overlooked “Twilight Of The Idols”. But most of all I was glad to have the chance to watch a fundamental band of the blackmetal genre to still conquer the stage even for an hour or so (for me there no need for more time on stage), since, 20 years after the explosion, the time of decline is dangerously approaching. But ‘til then, we let the coldness inspire us…

GORGOROTH setlist:

(Bergtrollets Hevn / Aneuthanasia / Prayer / Katharinas Βortgang / Revelation Of Doom / Forces of Satan Storms / The Rite of Infernal Invocation / Ødeleggelse og Θndergang / Blood Stains the Circle / Satan-Prometheus / Destroyer / Incipit Satan / Krig / Profetens Apenbaring / Unchain My Heart!!!)

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