Release Date: August, 2010
Label: FDA Rekotz

It’s a fact (for me at least) that straight-forward death metal (meaning I’m not including the likes of DEAD CONGREGATION, WITCHRIST etc) nowadays is at best just an OK listening for time to pass by and at worst it sucks ass good. No ideas, lame production, metalcore bullshit or super-technical masturbation.

Fortunately, some bands seem to escape the above situation and one of them is Denmark’s DEUS OTIOSUS. Sharing several members with death/thrash act HIDEOUS INVASION and with guitarist Henrik Engkjær having served at bands like UNDERGANG and CEREKLOTH, things look good straight from the beginning. And they seem even better with the opening growl and riff of “I Have Seen Him Slay” track. First thought that comes to mind: “Yes! This is how death metal should sound!”. With its thick sound, the double guitar attacks and of course drums equal to a machine gun on fire. They draw equal portions of American and European sound as influences and manage to stand between the MORBID ANGEL technicality and the ENTOMBED groove.

With “Murderer” being just their first full-length effort promises are risen and it’s up to DEUS to establish their name among Europe’s best contemporary acts. I think they should follow the darker path they carve in tracks like “Ye Pigs Of Little Faith” in contrast to some more heavy/thrash moments found elsewhere, but in the end the choice is solely on the artist’s side. Great start though.

~ by antifleshnimbus on January 21, 2012.

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