With Metal Defiance making once again the difference in greek underground gigs, by bringing a band we would hardly expect to see in our country (DESASTER), our paths would definitely lead us once again to legendary AN Club that Saturday night. There, about 50 people were present when REVENGE (not to be confused with the Canadians) got up on stage. Although –visually at least- young in age, the Athenians with menacing “From Hell” debut full-length as their consignment, confirmed their status as a rising power in local scene. Rehearsed and consistent, with the eye of bassist/frontman gleaming dangerously enough, they gave us some idea about how some other youngsters from Brazil in their early steps (yes, I’m talking about SEPULTURA some 25 years ago!) must have sounded. If they hunt their chances as they should, we’ll hear more and bigger thing from them in the near future.

For NADIWRATH who followed shortly after we’ve talked before, but repetition can only be welcome since it’s about the band that released one of last year’s most mind-blowing records (“Nihilistic Stench”), as far as this website is concerned. Greece may have numerous good, hard-working bands but those with the vision and the natural flair to establish their own entity above their possible influences, are rare to find not only here but universally too. NADIWRATH achieve that goal almost completely (and they’re still at starting point) as they weave mid tempo bitter blackmetal with wrathful punk, in a way providing multiple versions of hate and despair. This time, they chose to present us a number of new tracks, solid enough so the flow of their performance would not be disrupted in the slightest degree. But next time we want to hear “Memories Are Dead” and this is public demand!

As for DESASTER, it is a well-known fact that they are a historical underground band and their set draw broad applause from the fans. Objectively speaking, they gave a great, pulsating performance as their experience helped them in their interaction with the audience since mosh-pits and stage-diving emerged from nowhere. But for me, their latter recordings (on which the setlist was widely based) is not exactly what I’m looking for so I just watched from some distance. In any case, it’s the general acceptance from fans that matters; as for me, having the chance to watch NADIWRATH once again was good enough to keep me satisfied.

~ by antifleshnimbus on January 23, 2012.

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