Date: January 21, 2012

Location: Second Skin Club, Athens – Greece

I always tend to appreciate the bands that have a tendency of progress and keep carving the path that leads them to their vision’s fulfillment. ACHERONTAS are indeed one of these bands. While not being one of my favorite bm bands, I admire the way they have evolved since their first efforts (I remember feeling kinda bored during their performance in that MAYHEM gig 4½ years ago). With this as fact, I could not miss the ritual organized by them that Saturday evening, also featuring some newly assembled bands of the Hellenic scene.

Taking things from the start, there was ARCHDAEVA, a power-trio that opened the event. Now, there are the bands that are obviously mediocre (or bad) and there are the bands that, while not really making any difference right now, are showing the potential for something better. For ARCHDAEVA, the better days (and nights) will come when they decide to overcome the more than obvious influences, consisting 50% of early CELTIC FROST and 50% of DEATHSPELL OMEGA. They were followed by NIPENTHIS, who were improved since I saw them last October. However, the sound wasn’t helpful at all for them to produce in its entirety the great feeling that comes from the blending of traditional Scandinavian and Hellenic blackmetal sound. I have faith that they will keep getting better; be sure to check their “Sleeping In Eternal Shadow” demo.

Now, DEVATHORN got on stage ready to crush it all. And so they did, by implementing lethal doses of death metal as well as distressing disharmonies into their MAYHEM-ic, storming riffs. Well rehearsed, and with members having participated in worthy acts such as DODSFERD, NARGOTHROND and RESURGENCY, they gave a solid performance accompanied with fitting image. After exiting the stage, preparations began for the ACHERONTAS ritual. Candles, reversed cross, goat skull and a fog of incense poisoned the atmosphere. In music terms, they were more than accurate in perfoming tracks from most part of their discography with “Legacy Of Tiamat” gaining even more points at becoming a blackmetal classic when played live. With Parfaxitas 450 from ACRIMONIOUS (one of the best bands this country has seen) giving them the appropriate boost, ACHERONTAS closed their show in glory with “Vamachara’s” final opus, “Drakonian Womb”. A few moments later, the lights were on, the fog was dissolved, but the spirit was still there for those willing to follow…

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