IMPURE WORSHIP “Impure Worship”

Release Date: January, 2012

Label: Co-financed by Nuclear Winter Records

Coming from the bowels of contemporary Athenian hell, bestial black/deathsters IMPURE WORSHIP are a fine new addition to the local scene’s ammunition. One year and a half after introducing themselves to us with a noteworthy “Goathorns” demo tape, the time has come to unleash their next self-titled EP attack via Nuclear Winter Records.

First thing one would notice is that blackmetal elements have given way to a more death metal approach similar maybe to BLACK WITCHERY or BLASPHEMOPHAGHER; a change that would hold some risks of being just another “noisy” goat metal band that plays the same riff through the whole record. On the contrary though, the tracks have been worked hard to become distinctive entities, where guitars hold their pace to create a swamp-like atmosphere and then burst again using the primitive power of thrash to spread their holocaust. Listen to “Praise The Goat” for example, with its SLAYER-like solo cutting it in half, then the riffs dive into old school doom/death sub-levels before exploding into what would be a crowd-pleaser blast-beat enhanced ending. And closing this text, I would be without any excuse if didn’t make a special mention for some of the most persuasive, aggressive (but recognizable) vocals, this time handled by Fallen Angel of Fornication (guitars/bass).

Times have been hard in this country lately, but hard times lead to sinister rhymes. So, for those of you still devoted to bestial metal sound, this is a record you don’t want to miss. A promising new power seems to be rising…

~ by antifleshnimbus on February 25, 2012.

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