GRÁ “Grá”

Release Date: November, 2011

Label: Unexploded Records

Swedes GRÁ introduced themselves to us in an emphatic way with that wonderfully epic/nostalgic riff opening their debut EP. One year later, in a rather quiet (in marketing terms) tone, the blackmetal trio moved on to make the significant step of the first full-length album, in a substantial way, since its running time crawls up to almost 50 minutes.

Things here are fairly simple, yet simplicity when combined with good knowledge of the object proves to be a very wise choice. Here, the Scandinavians avoid any deviation to paths that lead away from the genre’s roots and remain concentrated to the goal of approaching the epic, old-school, Swedish blackmetal sound. Having as reference points compatriots DISSECTION or maybe THE BLACK, while using some of Varg’s mid-tempo technique in “spreading” (if I can say so) their riffs, GRÁ do manage to sound convincing enough.

And this is not a small achievement, when in these soundscapes a thin line divides inspiration from pointless and blatant repetition. So, when we get to the point of witnessing glimpses on grandeur in the album’s final two tracks (“Offerrök” and “Farväl”“Ett Sista Kapitel” is more of an outro), we can hope that in the near future, even better things will come out of this band.

In the meantime, those of you that missed “Grá” when it came out in the first place, do give part of your time here. If not anything else, at least you will get to hear how a blackmetal sound production can be deep and vast without submitting to clean, flat sound and boring drum triggers.

~ by antifleshnimbus on February 29, 2012.

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