THIS IS PAST “Μισανθρωπία”

Release Date: December, 2011

Label: Self-released

How certain are you about who is really your neighbor? Or the person sitting next to you at work maybe? I am not at all and given the fucked up situation combined with abominable releases like this one, I definitely take my measures and keep an eye on what’s going around.

THIS IS PAST have returned, three years after debut full-length “Alice In Uglyland” (with an experimental release “The Outsider” having emerged in the meantime, as a digital free download) to once again penetrate our deepest instincts of survival, violence and –of course- the ever-going confrontation with our inner ugliness.

Simply entitled Μισανθρωπία (= “Misanthropy”), TIP’s most recent offering stands somewhere in a grey zone between blackmetal (in its most VED BUENS ENDE-like avant-garde forms) and horror movie soundtracks. To some it could bring to mind part of  the Norwegian SLAGMAUR or FURZE insanity but in the end it would be unfair to simply parallel Μισανθρωπία with what other bands have done.

Already from the twisted, 14-minute, second track Σατανάς (= “Satan”) it becomes apparent that this record holds something unique. It is not any new artistic observation on blackmetal (in fact I don’t think we can hold this as blackmetal in some conventional way) but rather an outcome of contemporary Athens, Greece. It’s the city’s worst parts, the ugly truth hidden in shadowy corners away from the remnants of false prosperity which is soon to be crushed completely.

This record is primarily for Athenians who have been so sickened from their city, that all they want is to see it burned to the ground and all those who built their lives on the suffering of others, now running and screaming for help or mercy. For the rest of you, it will be a good exercise on how deep inside you have hidden your personal demons. This is our past, our future but above all this is our HELL (Κόλαση”)

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