ANHEDONIST “Netherwards”

Release Date: May, 2012

Label: Dark Descent (CD) / Nuclear Winter (LP)

I remember those time when as a young person I was deeply attracted (like most metalheads) to the gothic (or “atmospheric” as we called them) metal scene led by bands like PARADISE LOST or ANATHEMA (I’m talking about their mid-to-late 90s era here). When seeking their roots in their earlier works that followed the (as defined by the older fans) doom/death current, I came across music that sounded so distant and otherworldly to my uneducated ears. Although hard to absorb, records like “Serenades” or “Turn Loose The Swans” had something of a secret aura that gave to those sounds an eternal, secluded place in my heart.

So, the resurrection of this kind of music during recent years, even at underground level, through over-taleneted bands like ANHEDONIST, I cannot but open the door of the time-vessel for a small trip to the early 90s. Four years after their magnificent “The Drear” demo, the Americans’ full-length debut “Netherwards” comes as a well stirred mixture of the death metal darkness as presented by INCANTATION with the british despair found in the early recording of aforementioned ANATHEMas well as MY DYING BRIDE and the rest of the “joyful” heroes. Sometimes heavy and rhythmic as fuck like the opener “Saturnine”, other times mournful and lyrical as in the full of bitter lead melodies “Estrangement”, the four men from Seattle deliver their own thesis in pain and (mainly) its irreversibility. They make it clear with the viciousness of their rhythm section (giving the drums such a fitting deep sound was a perfect choice) that paves the way in order for the minimal and old-school-to-the-bone guitars to build the listener personal prison cell.

If your one of those people, who sometimes feel an inexplicably unbearable solitude surrounding them, than you’ve just found an appropriate companion. ANHEDONIST’s doom/death legacy will either show you the way out or will become the stone attached securely to your legs, dragging you straight into the abyss…

~ by antifleshnimbus on May 29, 2012.

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