MASTER’S HAMMER “Vracejte Konve Na Misto”

Release Date: February, 2012

Label: Self Financed

Truth to be told, this time we were somewhat prepared. The great comeback with “Mantras” three years ago had paved the way for the return of Czechs MASTER’S HAMMER in discography but most of all into their (even few) fans’ conscience. Yet the shivering emotions produced from listening to this year’s opus “Vracejte Konve Na Misto” (“return the pots to their places” or something like that) are of such strength that one stands astonished before the grandeur of a band that had disappeared for almost 15 year from the scene.

What if the elements that structure their sound come from the distant past? The proto-black metal riffs, the solos and the bombastic drums, integrated with tricks and innovations from the early 90s such as keyboards and synths (used from MH even since ’92), the feminine vocals; those were the ingredients that made the Czechs special then, these same ingredients keep them on top now, in an era of post-modern bands. It’s the aggressive central European sound, derivating from early CELTIC FROST (and less from BATHORY), that influenced bands like SAMAEL, MORTUARY DRAPE an of course MASTER’S HAMMER who had an extra disadvantage (for the majority of the fans, since for the true followers it was also a plus) by using their native tongue in their lyrics. Anyway, the fact that in 2012 a record like this one, provokes the senses with its epic intro (“Nordfrostkrampfland”) or with the instrumental “Dreaming Bulldog” leading perfectly to the mean-to-be-hit title-track (listen to it and you’ll start singing “Okultisto, nihilisto, vracejte nam konve na misto!” without even noticing it) is one more proof that sometimes the older becomes the better.

Coming to a closure, the fact that this release is entirely independent without any support from a label, and still comes in a very well presented digipack (as well as in LP format for vinyl fans) shows that in the end good taste and knowledge come above everything else. And that scene newbies (however special they might be –and some of them indeed are) always have to walk with at least one eye turned to the heritage of the pioneers…

~ by antifleshnimbus on June 8, 2012.

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