Release Date: October, 2011

Label: Hell’s Headbangers

I am a fan of demos in general, especially those with a descent production where you can hear what the band is trying to create. It’s always welcome to see new artists entering the scene and making their stand. However I’m far from being some demo nerd, for me it’s only what its name suggests; a “demonstration” of a band’s artistic vision.

Now, after this somewhat useless prologue I have to say this: “Sulfurous Prayers” is a FUCKIN’ AWESOME demo! VOID MEDITATION CULT from Ohio, USA, (formerly known as SPERM OF ANTICHRIST) create 16 minutes of utterly ritualistic black/death metal. What we hear in these four tracks is the closest one has ever got to the atmosphere of PROFANATICA or VON without being a cheap imitation. There are those primitive death metal riffs coming from the guitar (i.e. the marvelous, opening tune of “Obedience To Evil”), there is a satanic black metal approach in terms of production, there are even some floating synths scattered here and there (“Rites Of The Ruminant Dead” should make some “ritual” bands turn their heads away in shame) only to make things as wicked as hell. But above all it’s the whispering vocals that make the difference and sound more haunting than a hundred layers of your average growler.

I’m not a prophet of any kind, but these guys here are probably going to make some serious noise soon. Waiting for a full-length, I change sides and spin the tape once more…

~ by antifleshnimbus on June 26, 2012.

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