DØDSENGEL “Imperator”

Release Date: April, 2012

Label: Terratur Possessions

Are these guys any serious? Double CD with two and a half hours of music? And the strange thing is that I always admired those two Norwegians for certain marvelous tracks (like the final two in “Mirium Occultum” and the second side of the “Arkaik” tape) but to be honest, I never held them very capable for a totally magnificent full-length. So when I learned “Imperator’s” duration, a “what the fuck is wrong with you?” came out impulsively, yet little did I know that the only wrong thing here would be my short-sighted approach. For it was revealed that in our case, Kark and Malach Adonai probably discovered paths leading to wondrous hideouts unknown.

As you see, DØDSENGEL in this record, take their trademark style to the extremes, by embedding numerous interesting elements; such as some prog-metal approach by certain changes of rhythm, or a pint of avant-garde mentality or even the theatrical vocal rendition through which the conceptual texture of the album is incarnated. As for the female vocals in “Apoph-Ra” they could be a trippy, occult projection of what “The Great Gig In The Sky” once was, as absurd as it would seem. Yet the most absurd of it all (in a good sense) is that all of the above special elements are equally balanced with more catchy parts like the rhythmic, menacing blackmetal of “No Beginning, No End” or “Hymn To Pan” with its Crowley lyrics (his words also appear elsewhere in the concept, which combines also ancient Egypt, the Great God Pan and other various occult stuff) and the voice that refers directly to Darren White situations.

But beyond all these individual details of the Norwegians’ work, the importance here lies in the work itself as a whole. In an era where less-is-more logic is almost completely dominant, DØDSENGEL don’t give a damn and cling to their vision, without degenerating to DIMMU BORGIR’s pompous nonsense or ALCEST’s easy drama. Just for that, not only will we pass by a few parts of typical blackmetal babble (i.e. “The Supreme Ritual” could close the concept in a more imaginative way), but on the contrary we will show them all our respect and full attention to their creation.

~ by antifleshnimbus on July 6, 2012.

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