Release Date: June, 2012

Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli

DEATHSPELL OMEGA gone predictable?

Maybe that’s the case; after all they have 8 releases (of new material) in the last nine years. “Drought”, at first hearing, seems as a hasty sewing between “Paracletus” hypnotic atmosphere with the “Fas Ite”/”Katechon” hypersonic attack. One could even say that the new EP serves nothing new other than a more mathcore approach to the already known DsO recipe.

But for Hasjarl and the others music and words are, as always, inextricably linked. “Drought” ironically (or not) comes in an age of total spiritual drought. Yet, if the mind is strong, through drought and detachment comes cleansing and transition to other states of being. “Salowe Vision” insidiously guides the listener to this dimension where frenzied rhythms are constantly on attack, aiming to cause a mental state of total confusion. In “Scorpions & Drought”, during the climax of this new initiation, the concept of riffing is deconstructed into small doses of a nerve stretching drug, enhanced by the chaotic use of the drums and of course Mikko Aspa’s preaching of a vindictive God everyone would want to bury deep down into Lethe. This is the point in the process of deification where the meek will be aborted and the charismatic will proceed. And then the most strong-willed of them might be able to read some day the “Crackled Book Of Life”.

Yes, in musical terms, DEATHSPELL OMEGA may have gone predictable. Yet still they remain most essential than anything else that could enter your stereo.

~ by antifleshnimbus on July 7, 2012.

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