ESSENZ “Mundus Numen”

Release Date: June, 2012

Label: Svart Records

If the 90s were the decade of explosion for metal’s different subgenres (gothic, death, black, power etc), then 00s were definitely the era of the bands that made fusion of those subgenres. Add to that internet’s invaluable help, that gave bands and fans total access to tons of music and thus some of the most special cases in the extreme underground (or not) metal emerged.

Formed in what one could call a Mecca of European cultural heritage, Berlin, ESSENZ introduced themselves to us initially with their somewhat crude, yet promising “Mpetaphysis” EP, to make one year later enough ears turn towards their direction through their razing debut full-length. In there, borders between doom and black and death metal were destroyed and one could say that RUINS OF BEVERAST met the Evil that always lurked between the riffs of BLACK SABBATH and PENTAGRAM. So far, so good, but now is the time of recognition or vanishing and this year’s “Mundus Numen” emphatically chooses the first option.

Maybe less chaotic and more homogeneous in comparison to its predecessor, the Berliners’ new creation is dominated by Spirituality and Will that give true meaning to riffs, which otherwise could even sound as outdated. An exo-cosmic atmosphere holds the lead role but the “key-player” here are the unstoppable maneuvers between pure doom metal (the riff at 1.50 in “Amor” is maybe one of the most addictive I’ve heard in years), blackened uproars and galloping death chords (can someone please lock MORBID ANGEL in a room where “Pleroma” plays on repeat?).

With the closing track “Mania” producing an almost unbearable industrial/post-metal coldness that meets on its way ISIS jamming with GODFLESH, ESSENZ at the end of their journey exult on the ruins of every subgenre they managed to deconstruct and manage to deliver a musical mixture solid enough to make us speak of their own personal sound. Now all we have to do, is leave any prejudice aside and dare to ride with them…

~ by antifleshnimbus on July 12, 2012.

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