Release Date: March, 2012

Label: Self-released

It is always welcome when new bands enter the realms of the extreme underground with obvious ambition to leave their own mark on it. Coming from Finland, and with no further information up to now, UNCREATIONIST surprise us as their first demo proves brave enough to contain 3 lengthy compositions that sum up to almost 34-minute total running time.

Their doom/death blend floats between slow pace and powerful outbursts that owe partly to the as-old-school-as-it-gets Scandinavian death metal scene and especially to rough sound of their homeland that characterized legend bands such as ABHORRENCE. However, atmosphere and a feeling of impending doom are the conquering aspects here, even when things get more rhythmic like in the beginning of “Flame Of The Funeral Pyres”, where a mystic MORBID ANGEL aura emerges from the riffs. Add to that some persuasive enough words that preach modern world’s demise and all of a sudden what seemed as another simple demo effort, now claims its own small territory in contemporary death metal ground. If these guys make it to full-length level, my prediction is that a good amount of noise will be raised on their behalf.

To get the pro-tape (if still available): uncreationist.true@gmail.com

~ by antifleshnimbus on July 30, 2012.

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