Release Date: November, 2011

Label: Duplicate Records

It’s always a good thing to discover bands that pay tribute to some of the less accessed parts of blackmetal history. It is even better when it turns out that these bands come from your local scene. So it’s VACANTFIELD from Greece, a band existing from 2001 but only last year made their debut with the “Iteration” EP, that honor the Norwegian scene and especially its more forward-thinking approach presented years ago by artists like THORNS, VIRUS and ARCTURUS of the “La Masquerade..” era.

In an ever-present spacey/futuristic atmosphere, the Athenians’ blackmetal starts with a straightforward attack through “Broken Shaped Atom” where disharmonic riffing coming from the VED BUENS ENDE school becomes adorned with COVENANT-like synth; then we get “Worms Of Sulphur” which begins with some Snorre guitar work before transforming to a cosmic existence emitting ARCTURUS vibes enhanced by a Garm influenced theatricality in vocals, as the middle part, starting around 2:00, brings memories of an era almost forgotten. The final track, “White Knuckled Cosmos”suitably encloses all various aspects mentioned above and inserts some classic blackmetal aggression to emphatically close this EP.

Of course, the background of the band was promising enough, since most of the members have been involved with yet another excellent Hellenic blackmetal act, END, but nonetheless, it’s always a hard task to get involved with the heritage of such great bands and achieve not only to avoid bad imitation but to stand as a worthy scholar. With “Iteration” in their baggage and more work in terms of homogeneity and structure of their personal sound, VACANTFIELD with probably make some noise in the near future. Or, at least, I hope they do…

Exclusive distribution for Greece: DistroBall

~ by antifleshnimbus on August 3, 2012.

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