DRAWN AND QUARTERED “Feeding Hell’s Furnace”

Release Date: June, 2012

Label: Nuclear Winter

The fact that DRAWN AND QUARTERED are known only to a small subset of people, who under different circumstances, would place them in one of the thrones of contemporary USDM, remains an unexplained phenomenon. Maybe it has to do with the decreasing popularity of the genre by the time they started releasing stuff or maybe it was lack of promotion from their former label. In any case, the point is that the specific beasts from Seattle don’t give a fuck in the above and keep impetuously unleashing hell-driven music for the devotees of truly extreme sound.

With “Feeding Hell’s Furnace” being released under the banner of Hellenic force Nuclear Winter, here we luckily get the chance to remember what draw fans to death metal back in the late 80s/early 90s. Everything is here; the crushing, violent riffs, the sinister lead “melodies”, the machine-gun drumming, gore lyrics, even the fact that bass duties are now held by vocalist Herb Burke, in the tradition of Dave Vincent, Steve Tucker, Glen Benton etc. Above anything else of course, the point is that DRAWN AND QUARTERED have put in here nine ferocious tracks with intense personality, marvelously embedding various elements such as underground grooves (“Stabwound Invocation”, the opening track) or some swampy, autops-ian stench (“Lustmörder”) ad generally reminding all of us that fucking DEATH metal isn’t simply about speed or flat blastbeats or, or, or…

This is about darkness, terror, extreme emotions and primordial instincts. This is metal of death, this is what we get from DaQ in one of the top quality (if not the best) records of the genre coming from the USA in recent years. Listen and dive into the abyss. Only death is real…

~ by antifleshnimbus on September 16, 2012.

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