ELYSIAN BLAZE “Blood Geometry”

Release Date: June, 2012

Label: Osmose Productions

Australia, oh mighty Australia… What great pleasures has this land offered to the devotees of the darkest and most extreme sounds! Adelaides’s ELYSIAN BLAZE, Mutatiis’ solo project, have returned to haunt your lonesome hours with a blend of nihilistic blackmetal, depressive doom and atmospheric melancholy all packed in double disc (and triple LP) and still breath-taking in its entirety.

A five year project, “Blood Geometry” shows exquisite solidity, although containing tracks that crawl up to 36 minutes (“Blood Of Ancients, Blood Of Hatred”) and is not afraid of acquiring help from outside creative sources such as extensive synth parts, you know, the kind that “trve” blackmetallers love to hate. One could say that ELYSIAN BLAZE’s stigma in the music map is hard to find, there are pieces –and maybe the overall feeling – that remind us another fantastic solo project from a different continent –I’m talking about RUINS OF BEVERAST grandeur here. Other parts contain more doomy or atmospheric elements; in general there is a constant sequence of slower passages and demonic outbursts (the beginning of “Sigils That Beckon Death” is utterly magnificent”), yet with the changes never becoming incoherent. Even an epic feeling is ever-present in the background, probably the outcome of the esoteric transformation to a higher level through pain, which is described in Mutatiis’ lyrics.

It’s probably the distance between Oceania and the rest of the world that makes their scene so unique, for here we have yet another unique and diverse record. A record addressed to those searching for a soundtrack for the autumn nights and the inner battles they bear. “Blood Geometry” is elevation through meditation…

~ by antifleshnimbus on September 29, 2012.

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