Date: October 27, 2012

Location: AN Club, Athens – Greece

After numerous underground gigs with adequate attendance, this time less than 100 people that showed up in this very promising evening was a completely disappointing number. Not only was NECROPHOBIC’s first visit to our land, but also one of the very rare opportunities for one to watch SAD, a well hidden secret of the local blackmetal scene.

DISOLVO ANIMVS opened the night with an intense mixture of technical death and black metal in the veins of mid and latter BEHEMOTH material. The guys were really fierce, with a menacing drummer that added significant aggressiveness to their sound. On the other hand, they will need to work on a more personal sound and find better balance between them on stage.

Personally, up to that night, I hadn’t given the appropriate attention to SAD and little did I know. With prominent members of the scene on both guitars (Ungod from SLAUGHTERED PRIEST/NECROHELL and Nadir of NADIWRATH/DODSFERD) and a frontman who KNEW how to unleash exceptional shrieks, the Athenians performed their depressive/suicidal blackmetal, coated with large amounts of negativity and helped by a surprisingly fitting treble sound. Hats off to them!

As for NECROPHOBIC, unfortunately their material such as the 1993 debut LP, “Nocturnal Silence” is not as widely known as it should be to local fans who claim to “love” Swedish extreme metal. That’s OK, they’ll probably be happy with yet another visit of today’s “superstars” Amon Amarth. To the point though, the Swedes led by a bigoted Tobias Sidegård on vocals and guitars and of course founding member J. Sterner giving some non-stop violence on drums, showed what exceptional sounds were produced back in the 90s in their homeland. It was the gloom of then rising blackmetal mixed with the raw power of the death metal scene as inherited by pioneers MORBID and of course NIHILIST and the rest.

Although they played only the self-titled track of their debut (I hoped for 1-2 more), NECROPHOBIC managed to keep a balance, choosing tracks from all their works, with “Dreams Shall Flesh” and “Black Moon Rising” being personal highlights, before they achieved maximum levels of wrath towards the set’s closing, with “The Third Of Arrivals”, “For Those Who Stayed Satanic” (I think it was the one they dedicated to Jon Nödtveidt) and the aforementioned “Nocturnal Silence”.

All in all a great underground live, high levels of energy and a disappointing attendance from Greek “fans”. But then, who really cares?…

~ by antifleshnimbus on October 30, 2012.

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