KAWIR “Ισόθεος” (“Isotheos”)

Release Date: October, 2012

Label: Deathrune Records

IsotheosHonestly, not much of blackmetal has caught my attention during 2012. Apart from MGLA and SERPENT NOIR’s magnificent records, there were good releases but not exquisite ones. At least not until October, when Hellenic heathens KAWIR unleashed their new epiclesis to our ancient gods.

Simply enough, in Ισόθεος” (= “equal to God”) we get back our good old blackmetal sound, the one based in astonishing riffs and thunderous drums showing its classic heavy metal origins. A balance is kept between nostalgia (i.e. the opening “Daemon”) and epic feeling (“Hymn To Winds”) and a good mix of the traditional Hellenic blackmetal scene and the enormous BATHORY atmospheres is produced, along with an essence of Ancient Greece. Playing mostly in mid-tempo paces, “Isotheos” get more boost from the production and sound engineering, where riffs gain all the power they can get, guitar lead parts are helped to serve their dramatic role and drums pound dynamically without any shitty trigger enhancement. last but no least the vocals; when harsh they escape the trap of sounding like a retarded orc screaming; when clean the recite the band worship to a religion oppressed by christianity’s plague.

Praise with them Dionysus (“Hail Bacchus”), the God of ritual madness and ecstasy and feel the divine power spurt from your veins when listening to the record’s title track. After their great contribution in the split with SCYTHIAN, Ormenos, Phaesphoros and Therthonax once again explain to us in a simple, yet grandiose manner what this music (black METAL) is all about. Don’t make the mistake to pass by them whilst checking yet another random clown Darkthrone copy.

~ by antifleshnimbus on December 15, 2012.

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