Release Date: June, 2012

Label: Kill Yourself Productions

Cursed RelicsWeren’t it for DRAWN & QUARTERED (and lately INCANTATION), I would say this year was a poor one regarding death metal that applies to my taste. At least until I listened to the caterpillar that goes by the name “Cursed Relics”, the latest release from Thessaloniki’s NOCTURNAL VOMIT.

Counting more than a decade of presence in Hellenic extreme metal underground, it was time for these men, after some fine split releases, to finally capture the true essence of death metal sound in a complete full-length work. With CELTIC FROST’s morbid, marching tones providing the overall guidance, the Salonicans take various aspects from the genre’s best representatives (on both sides of the Atlantic), add their own visions and in the end exhale compositions more convincing than a thousand overproduced so-called “brutal death” releases.

By building their music around a mid-tempo speed basis, they maneuver in excellence between slow, swampy parts (ASPHYX have played a good role here, as well as in the absolutely fantastic vocal outcome) and demonic outbursts (the second half in the “Moon Of Amorphous Vociferations”). Above all, they know how to write distinctive tracks by embedding a more sophisticated approach instead of incorporating blunt noise and triggered drums. Apart from the aforementioned tempo variance (i.e. “Herald Of Doom” starts in frenzy before it slows down enough to justify the “doom” in its title; then back to madness), the avid death metal fan will get riffs and lead guitars that use disharmonies, or cleaner parts or twisted soloing and vibrations that leave a feeling of impending doom, which, in the end is what this music is all about.

With “Function Of Abominations” and the instrumental “Zoe En Tapho”, being the perfect fits for closing the record, “Cursed Relics” undeniably becomes the prefect choice for those that miss the times of early MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, ENTOMBED and ASPHYX and many more giants of that era. All of them, back at the early 90s, would be absolutely proud if they knew that 20 years after, death metal would still spawn dangerous mutations like the dark tunes of NOCTURNAL VOMIT.

~ by antifleshnimbus on December 16, 2012.

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